Kounting Down The Kraziest Kardashian Moments Of 2016

The Kardashian fam is controversial and you either love them, hate them, or love to hate them. We’re firmly in the “love” camp. Though some people like to say they’re famous for being famous, it could be argued that the Kardashians are also extremely hard-working and expenaded their brands into empires beyond “fame.” Let’s face it, the Kardashians wouldn’t be where they are now if they were simply famous for being famous. Just sayin’.

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians have had their fair share of ups and their downs in 2016. But we know that they will always have each other (and their fans) to pick them back up again. Hopefully, they’re leaning on each other now more than ever after the craziness they’ve gone through this year.

We’ve counted down all of the most major things that the Kardashians have experienced in 2016. Check out the countdown below to see which stories took the top spots.

5. When Kourtney & Scott Got Back Together

Kourtney & Scott Back Togerther

To be honest, we weren’t too surprised that Kourtney and Scott got back together. They’re made for each other! Despite a reconciliation being inevitable, this reunion still made major news. It came after months of speculation about the couple’s relationship status and rumors about other flings. This was one of the better moments for the Kardashian crew. Now we just can’t wait to see all of Kourtney and Scott’s cute couple moments on the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

4. The Kim Kardashian/Taylor Swift Feud

Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift Famous


Remember the Kim K/Kanye West and Taylor Swift drama this summer? It was wild! West and Swift reignited their old feud (the one that stemmed from the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards) after West released his song, “Famous.” West sang, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/I made that b*tch famous,” which didn’t sit well with Swift. West was adamant that he got permission from Swift for the line, a claim that Swift denied. Well, Kim had the receipts. Shortly after an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired, one in which the drama was discussed, Kim released a video that showed Swift giving her consent to the line. Swift tried to go on the defensive but people weren’t really buying it anymore. Kim’s expert level shade made almost everyone Team Kimye again.

3. The Kim & Kanye Relationship Drama

Kanye West Hospitalization


Much of their relationship drama has stemmed from some pretty serious events that the two have gone through in 2016. In November, West was hospitalized after experiencing a temporary psychosis. Kim has remained been by her hubby’s side through it all. That hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from saying that the Kimye marriage is on the rocks. It also doesn’t help that there are rumors going around that Kim is cheating on West with Marquette King. We don’t think there’s much truth to these rumors. Still, we’ll be rooting for Kimye to make it through everything together.

2. Rob & Chyna’s Relationship & Crazy Rumors

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

The two of them could have made up an entire list of krazy moments all by themselves. The couple’s whirlwind relationship started early this year and the two have been on and off ever since. One moment Rob is deleting all of his Instagram pics of the two of them and the next, they’re heading to a strip club together. Thank goodness we had their reality show spin-off, Rob & Chyna, to take us through all of the craziness between the pair. As of right now, the couple is going strong after the birth of their daughter, Dream Kardashian. Let’s hope things stay strong for the two of them.

1. Kim K’s Robbery

Kim Kardashian Feminist


The true star of the Kardashian family has been MIA from social media for months now and for good reason. In case you missed it (not sure how?), Kim went through a terrifying incident in early October when thieves came into her Paris hotel room, stole her jewelry and held her up at gunpoint. Kim has barely been seen in public since the incident and hasn’t posted anything on her social accounts, a total departure from Kim’s almost constant social media presence. Her family and friends have related that the reality starlet will get past this incident but that she just needs some time. Our thought are with you, Queen Kim K!

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