6 Healthy & Fun Resolutions To Make 2017 The Best Year Yet

The beginning of a New Year is a very exciting time. 2017 is a much-needed departure from the hot mess that was 2016 and its many dramas. With the start of this year, there are so many changes and oftentimes the first changes begin at home.

New Year’s resolutions are a symbol of this dedication to hope for the future and they represent the ability to change and improve, just as the years hopefully do. Though resolutions are meant to be positive, they sometimes tend to be veiled in self-depreciation as opposed to actual, healthy motivation.

It could be promising to lose weight (for the wrong reasons) or to find love (when in reality, it doesn’t work like that), but it doesn’t have to be painful or self-damaging. Give yourself the gift of self-improvement this year by making resolutions that you can accomplish and that will uphold the tradition of growth.

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Here are six resolutions that will make 2017 the best year yet. Cheers to a new year!

1. Get active!


Don’t enter a new year by yelling at yourself to lose weight. It’s unhealthy both physically and mentally. If you’re looking to incorporate fitness into your life, think of your resolution as finding a new hobby and gaining a new method of self-care. This could mean going to a dance class, taking up SoulCycle or just taking walks around your neighborhood.

2. Treat yourself.


Want to make 2017 a little more fun? Vow to give yourself occasional gifts, making even the most blah of days a little bit better. This could mean grabbing a bath bomb from Lush once a month or binge watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with some Indian food courtesy of Seamless, but either way, make one random day a bit more special and give yourself something to look forward to. These are crucial elements of self-preservation and relaxation and they will make long days of work, exams, internships or studying much easier.

3. Use your voice.

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Let’s face it: 2016 was not an easy year by any means, but especially politically. With so many things going on in politics, make sure your opinion is heard. Contact representatives, volunteer for causes you care about and make sure that you take full advantage of your rights by using your voice. If you don’t like something, change it, even if it means starting small.

4. Surround yourself with positivity. 


Sometimes it’s not so much about what’s happening around us as it is who is around us. Make sure that your friendships are all based in positivity. People who doubt your abilities, laugh at your hopes and/or dreams and who don’t feel like friends aren’t the ones you want to spend the year with. Though it isn’t always or often necessary to end friendships or make permanent decisions about people’s presences, it is better to focus on the people that bring you up, not down.

5. Date with intention but not with expectation.


If you’re hoping that 2017 will be year of finding true love, that’s great! But understand that it doesn’t exactly work that way. Be able to date in whatever ways you’re comfortable, remaining true to what you want, while also being aware that not everyone is looking for the same things or striving for the same goals. Check out Tinder or Bumble, but remain honest with yourself and other potential dates/partners. Not looking just to hook up? You don’t have to. Let it be known, whether that means avoiding hook up situations or just stating it bluntly. Date around and have fun and be able to laugh, even if it doesn’t go as planned.

6. Save, save, save.


This is a tough one, but it’s particularly essential for pre-grads and those immediately post-grad. Worried about the upcoming debt? Looking to make some big purchases? Analyze your spending, cut the unnecessary costs and be mindful of where exactly your money is going. Do your research and take advantage of the times when you have money by saving while you can. This is rough, but there are tons of resources to help.

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