The Ultimate Guide To TV Shows You Should Watch, All Based On Your Major

The semester is finally coming to a close and, for once, we can take a breather… Well, at least until the next semester starts back up again. The amount of free time we have now is crazy without all of the papers and tests to worry about. Now’s the perfect time to catch up on all of the TV we’ve been missing throughout the course of the semester.

There have been so many great television shows to watch in the past year. No wonder we’re in the golden age of television! Where do we even begin? Well, it’s time to look to your major for guidance. Your major is a reflection of your hobbies or at least a symbol of something that you hopefully enjoy studying. In this way, your major can be a great indicator of what you might enjoy watching.

For your winter break enjoyment, we’ve compiled a list of television shows to check out based on what you’ve been studying in college. Check out the list below for an idea of what to watch on TV next!

If You’re Majoring In Pre-Law, Check Out How To Get Away With Murder

How To Get Away With Murder

If you’re on the pre-law track, you probably won’t be doing anything similar to what the Keating Five has done in their free time i.e. all of the poor, deadly decisions. But, the Keating Five has still learned a lot through their time studying law with Annalise Keating. You’ll not only be able to watch all of the insane drama unfold but you’ll also be able to actually understand all of the legal jargon that the characters use.

If You’re Majoring In Communications, Check Out Vanderpump Rules

Stassi Schroeder

Ok, the cast of Vanderpump Rules may not be made up of the best communicators (i.e. whenever they’re drinking). If you want to learn about how to market yourself, check out Vanderpump Rules to see how the cast has done exactly that. The crew always has a new book or blog coming out. They know a thing or two about communications.

If You’re Majoring In English, Check Out Outlander

Outlander College Major

If you’re an English major, you’ll enjoy the Outlander novels just as much as you’ll enjoy the TV series. Outlander follows the romance between Claire Randall, a woman who traveled back in time to 18th century Scotland and Jamie Fraser, a young Scottish warrior of that time period. The show will keep you on your toes and will make you want even to see even more heartwrenching moments between the gorgeous, star-crossed pair

If You’re Majoring In Anthropology, Check Out This Is Us

This Is Us College Major

You’re probably well aware of the intricacies of humankind if you’re an anthropology major. This Is Us concerns itself with the subject so well, taking us through the main¬†family’s journey from week to week. The series goes in-depth with the family and makes viewers truly root for them. This series will touch your heart. Make sure you have those tissues at the ready.

If You’re Majoring In Business, Check Out Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley College Major

Silicon Valley is mainly about the technical side of things. However, the show does go into the business side of Pied Piper, which all of the business majors out there will appreciate. You can also always count on Silicon Valley to provide some hilarious and awkward moments, so it’s definitely one you should check out!

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