Sarah Michelle Gellar Tweeted Out #RIPBoyGeorge After George Michael Died

Sarah Michelle Gellar


When the shocking news broke that George Michael had passed away on Christmas day, millions of fans and fellow celebrities took to social media to share their condolences. One fellow 90’s icon, however, had a little bit of a slip up when she posted a message on Twitter that confused George Michael with another British pop icon, Boy George, who is very much alive.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, sparked some serious backlash on Twitter, prompting Gellar to respond in a series of apologetic messages on Twitter.

Do you really want to hurt me? I guess you do 2016 #ripboygeorge”

Gellar almost instantly apologized on Twitter and even thanked users of the social media site for “correcting” her, writing, “thank you to everyone who corrected me- it’s still so sad.” The sudden death of the 53-year-old singer is incredibly sad, indeed.

Check out Sarah Michelle Gellar’s apology tweets below.

Just as sad when you get the correct information- #ripGeorgeMichael thank you to everyone who corrected me- it's still so sad

— Sarah Michelle (@SarahMGellar) December 25, 2016

And for the record yes I completely know the difference between Boy George and George Michael- I heard incorrectly. My intentions were good

— Sarah Michelle (@SarahMGellar) December 26, 2016

This is usually why I don't comment on public matters, but it all seemed so sad on Christmas. Lesson learned.

— Sarah Michelle (@SarahMGellar) December 26, 2016

Yes, Sarah Michelle, definitely a lesson learned.

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