This Woman Is Suing SoulCycle, Claims Workout Put Her In The Hospital

In case you needed more encouragement to skip the exercise and pick up the cheeseburger, a former SoulCycle member is suing the cycling franchise after she claims she was pushed so hard during class that she had to be hospitalized afterwards.

Kaila Cashman, the woman behind the lawsuit, says she signed up for her very first cycling membership in 2014 at a SoulCycle in Rye Brook, New York. Now, for anyone who has ever been inside of a SoulCycle, you know a standard membership also requires you to sell their soul and compromise walking abilities for at least the first three months — that’s how intense it is. Clearly Cashman was out of the loop.

She says that during her intense workout, the instructor repeatedly increased the torque on her bike and told her to keep pedaling. For those who try to stay away from cycling classes (ahem, me) and have no idea WTF torque is, it’s basically the force per pedal stroke. So if it’s up really high, it’ll feel like you’re trying to bike through quicksand — it’s not pleasant. However, it’s also not uncommon for cycling instructors to increase their victim’s torques, and honestly, you can always turn it back down once they leave. Sadly Cashman didn’t get the memo.

She says that after the workout, she felt incredibly sick and wound up going to the hospital. There, she was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, a condition at leads to the rapid breakdown of muscle tissue. Cashman is now suing SoulCycle for damages, according to TMZ, claiming that she’s permanently injured, both physically and emotionally.

Honestly, the last time I stepped out of a SoulCycle I was also emotionally traumatized, so I see where she’s coming from. But there’s no way she got rhabdomyolysis from one class. Regardless, it’s still one more reason why you should never go to the gym — ever. You know, just in case you have some terrible muscle disorder too. You never know!

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