Girl Most Likely To Have A Bizarre Limo Entrance & Other Superlatives For ‘The Bachelor’ Cast


It’s been months since JoJo awarded her final rose to Jordan on The Bachelorette, and it’s about dang time that Mondays had something to look forward to again.

We’ve all waited long enough, and it’s finally here — on January 2, the new season of The Bachelor premieres. And with Nick Viall handing out the roses, season 21 of our favorite guilty pleasure is sure to be full of drama.

Since ABC has released the cast of 30 (!!!) girls vying for a chance to win Nick’s heart during a date that will undoubtedly include a hot tub, we here at the Candy Dish podcast decided to hand out some superlatives based solely on the contestants’ photos and ridiculous questionnaires.

Most Likely to Have a Bizarre Limo Entrance

Steph’s Pick: Josephine, because “she’s an attention seeker.”

Alexa’s Pick: Jaimi, because “I think she’s bizarre in general.”

Most Likely to Get Wasted on Night One

Steph’s Pick: Hailey, because “she’s young and kind of looks like Lace [from Ben’s season].”

 Alexa’s Pick: Susannah, because she answered that the fruit she wanted to be was a watermelon “because they’re sweet and are best during summer” which doesn’t make sense so she “must have lost some brain cells from drinking” at some point.

Most Likely to Fight with Another Contestant

Steph’s PickWhitney, because “she’s intimidatingly gorgeous and people will be jealous of her.”

Alexa’s Pick: Hailey, because “the girl is a bitch.”

We know you want to hear more, so tune into the Candy Dish podcast on SoundCloud below to hear who our picks for Best Dressed, Most Likely to Be Eliminated Night One, and Most Likely to Kiss Nick First.

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We also chat about who our favorite contestants are, who we think is certifiably crazy, and who had insane answers that probably should have been given more thought before sharing with the entire internet. Are we right or so mistaken? We’ll have to tune in Monday to find out.

Stay tuned for recaps after episodes of The Bachelor and don’t forget to join our Bachelor Bracket to help decide Nick Viall’s fate.

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