Guys Are WAY More Likely To Be Interested If You Make The First Move

In case you ever needed more reason to muster up the courage to give your number to that cute guy at that bar—aside from the fact that he may be your one true love—we’ve found another one.

According to a new study conducted by, 87% of men were willing to give a woman they weren’t otherwise interested in a chance if she made the first move. The study, which surveyed 891 single men, also found that 90% of men want women to initiate the first move in a relationship in general and 74% of men are just sitting around waiting to be swept off their feet.

Do you hear THAT, ladies?! Don’t let that fear of rejection even prevent you from writing down your number on a napkin or chatting up the hottie at the library—he’s statistically proven to be into you and you can’t argue with science.

Check out this infographic from OKCupid below:

Why Women Should Make the First Move



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