WATCH: Drake & Jennifer Lopez Caught Grinding Together At Las Vegas Party

In case Drake‘s cozy Instagram with Jennifer Lopez didn’t confirm the news that the pair were a couple, this recent video definitely will.

The musical duo were caught grinding, dancing and (gasp!) kissing at the Winter Wonderland Prom in Las Vegas on Thursday night, according to TMZ.

The video of Drake and J-Lo, who were obviously named Prom King and Queen, also appeared to confirm reports that the two are working on music together. Even though the we don’t hear much of the song, both Drake and Lopez’s distinct vocals pop up in the track, which sounds like it could be a mix of “One Dance” and “Waiting For Tonight.”

The couple definitely seemed to be enjoying their new collaboration, as the pair were clearly having a great time sharing playful kisses and moving around the dance floor.

That doesn’t mean everyone is happy about their new romance, especially Rihanna, who has since unfollowed Jennifer Lopez on Instagram. We can’t wait to see how that drama plays out.

Check out the video of Drake and Jennifer Lopez dancing at the Winter Wonderland Prom below.


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