Cal State’s Kelsey Stone Caught Four Poachers In The Cambodian Jungle & Threw Them In Jail, NBD

To say 2016 has been a rough one is an understatement, yet it’s nice to know there are still some decent people out there.

Miss COED 2017 semifinalist and California State University student, Kelsey Stone straight up chased down a bunch of poachers in the Cambodian jungle and threw them in jail. Seriously. Through a program called Reach Out Volunteers, Kelsey has done everything from teaching children English and building a community center to assisting with reforestation. In other words, she is literal #goals and I think we can all learn from her going into 2017, TBH.

Get to know more about Kelsey below, and be sure to check back next week as we get to know each of our semifinalists a bit better.

What’s your biggest accomplishment thus far?

My biggest accomplishment is capturing four poachers in the Cambodian jungle. I was on a volunteer trip and we were reforesting a section of the jungle when we spotted a small fire which had just been started. Four men started sprinting through the trees and we ended up catching them and sending them to jail. It was honestly as unreal and dramatic as it sounds, but it made me feel really good that we potentially saved some endangered wildlife from becoming someone’s next meal or their pocket change.

What exactly is Reach Out Volunteers, and how did you first get involved?

Reach Out Volunteers is a volunteer group that is on a mission to help make a difference in impoverished communities across the world, as well as to help save and protect endangered wildlife. ROV travels to South Africa, Cambodia, Mozambique, and more to help make a difference in the local communities. I first got involved about a year ago after hearing about the program through a friend and being accepted through the application process.

How often to you volunteer? What are your tasks when you volunteer?

I have attended one volunteer trip to Cambodia with this program so far. The tasks are different depending on which program you choose to be a part of. Some of the programs focus more on the educational aspect while others are aimed towards the animal lovers. During my two week trip, we built a community center from the ground up in the local town, taught English to the children at the school, reforested sections of the jungle that belong to an elephant sanctuary, and so much more. The amazing thing is that no two trips will be the same.

Tell us anything else you’d like our readers to know about ROV!

ROV also offers some academic credit if you’re interested in education. You can read more about the programs, and if you are interested in applying, you can do so at

Check out the awesome video below of Kelsey’s time in Cambodia:


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