Champagne Facials Are The Hottest New Celebrity Beauty Trend

Leave it to celebrities to undergo the wackiest beauty treatments in order to make sure they look eternally youthful.

The latest trend to hit the market? Champagne facials.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Famous faces, including Vanderpump Rules couple Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval and co-star Scheana Marie, are flocking to celeb aesthetician Gregory Dylan’s West Hollywood bungalow to shell out for the facials.

So what exactly does this champagne facial do for the skin? It’s a three-step process that starts with a mild peel, according to E! Online. “The peel itself is made of the acids that are found in champagnes and wine,” explained Dylan. It basically gives that surface-level polish to coax out a lovely glow and gives that nice level of exfoliation.” Part two involves an exfoliating peppermint or cranberry scrub mask, while part three finishes off the skin with a “really beautiful gold mica balm, which gives you this really beautiful luminescence while hydrating and replenishing the skin.”

The only downside? The treatment will set you back $125. But hey, why not treat yourself (and your skin) every once in a while? You’re skin might need a little TLC after New Year’s Eve, anyways.

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