The 7 Most Successful College Dropouts

To say college is a challenging four years is definitely an understatement. You’re living on your own, maybe in an unfamiliar place, and you have to make new friends and adjustments. You also have to juggle a full course load with extracurricular activities, a social life and a part-time job or internship.

But the four-year college path definitely isn’t for everyone. Of course, there are probably plenty of things you’d rather be doing than sitting in a stuffy classroom or wasting away in the library studying for exams. And plenty of people have avoided this path and found immense success.

Entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs¬†and Bill Gates have proven that you don’t need a college degree to become a billionaire, and numerous performing artists and celebrities have found fame and fortune without attending a university. Check out seven of the most successful college dropouts, including some of our favorite celebs.

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