This 2-Year-Old Boy Is Being Hailed A Hero After Scary Video Goes Viral

Bowdy Shoff is a hero. The two-year-old was playing on a dresser with his brother when the chest fell over and landed on top of his twin, Brock. To help him get out from underneath the fallen dresser, Bowdy used all of his strength to lift it off of him. While their mother, Kayli, says she never heard the dresser fall or her sons cry for help, she claims they quickly recovered and were playing with each other when she found them afterwards.

Their father Ricky posted the video to his Facebook page Sunday, writing, “I’ve been a little hesitant to post this. But I feel it’s not only to bring awareness, but it is also incredible.”

He continued, “We are so grateful for the bond that these twin brothers share. We know Bowdy was not alone in moving the dresser off of Brock. And feel blessed that he is ok. Please make sure all your dressers are bolted and secured to the wall. Please share.”

Check it out below, but prepare to cringe in horror midway through:

[protected-iframe id=”2e1b3d5b24af9ffe888d66459e475180-860993-79209639″ info=”″ width=”698″ height=”573″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen=””]

Bowdy just saving the day like it’s nbd.

Unfortunately this type of occurrence happens far too often. Late last year, IKEA paid out $50 million to the parents of three toddlers who were killed after dressers fell on them in separate incidents. In 2004, a three-year-old was killed in the middle of the night after a dresser fell on her. She has since set up a charity that aims to prevent the number of children who die in the same way.

“My initial thought was it’s a miracle that Brock survived and was not seriously injured,” she told Daily Mail about the now-viral video. “He was one of the lucky ones and that should in NO way give parents a false sense of security thinking a child can always survive a dresser tip-over.”

She continued, “Although it was an amazing demonstration of twinship and resourceful brotherly love, it could have ended up being much more tragic, especially if that child had been alone. The brother attempting to move the dresser also could have moved it the wrong way and caused the one under the dresser to become more injured, or, he could have become a victim, too.”

Luckily, both boys are fine.

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