Cloie Luo Hopes To Be So Successful She Can Buy Her Parents Their Dream Home One Day & BRB Crying

It’s a known fact that most teenage girls are a**holes, amirite? Sure, I was the perfect angel at that age, but for most, their hormones are raging and their parents are considered the devil. However, that’s not the case for Miss COED 2017 semifinalist, Cloie Luo.

The 18-year-old Professional Land Management major (yes, apparently that’s a thing) at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is wise beyond her years and has goals that include being “super rich” and landing on the Forbes 500 list. Not bad. Yet she also hopes to take care of her parents and purchase the home of their dreams. Awwwww.

Cloie is also an advocate for her sorority’s philanthropies and raises money for children in need. This girl’s heart is made out of pure gold, and to say we’re proud to have her as a contestant is an understatement.

Get to know more about Cloie below and be sure to check back daily as we get to know each of our semifinalists a bit better.

Lexy Milliken Interview: Miss COED 2017 ACC Finalist

Name one thing on your bucket list.

My number one thing on my bucket list is when I am super rich and on the Forbes 500 list (a girl can dream right?), I would want to buy my parents the house they have always wanted. My mother spends countless hours a day looking up houses online and even touring some, however none of them are her definition of a perfect house. I want to give my mother and father the dream house they have always wanted; a backyard patio, a beautiful grill set where my dad can cook hamburgers, a pool, and a two story home where it is just like their fairytale. They have done so much for me and it is the least I can do for them. 

Aside from being the best daughter in the world, Cloie is also passionate about her sorority’s philanthropies – March of Dimes and Sigma Serves Children. She’s helped raise money so far through chili cook offs, coin drives and dodgeball tournaments and loves that Tri Sigma does all they can to support these children in need.

What exactly is the March of Dimes and how does Tri Sigma support the organization?

Every year we have a coin drive, chili cook off, dodgeball tournament, and many others. My favorite thing is the chili cook off because who doesn’t like chili? Our goal is to help as many kids in need as possible!

What is Sigma Serves Children?

Sigma Serves Children is our main philanthropy and there are three categories in which we serve: March of Dimes serving premature babies, child’s play therapy (therapeutic play in hospitals), and our local philanthropy which is the DREAMS foundation; helping the special needs kids in our area. Tri Sigma really tries to do all we can to help children which is absolutely heartwarming.

How have you personally served either or both of these organizations?

I participated in the chili cook off which was so incredibly fun. Everyone either sends in a donation or comes up with a team and we all get out there really early and cook the chili. I was paired up with my big sister and her family this year, and we all worked non stop trying to prepare everything; however it was so worth it knowing the money was going towards something I’m so passionate about. There are also raffle tickets available for purchase, and they gave away so many cool prizes too! I also helped out in our coin drive, which is just a bunch of my sisters and I doing silly stuff trying to get people’s attention to donate coins to March of Dimes. I also plan on doing the dodgeball tournament, but that happens later on in the year. Tri Sigma tries very hard to do everything possible for children and I love that!

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