Devin Walker Shares Why There’s Such a Divide in ‘The Challenge’ House & Blasts Johnny Bananas


Devin Walker may not have been on The Real World, but he’s not afraid to get real.

If you’ve ever watched MTV’s The Challenge, you know there’s a huge divide in the house between rookies and vets, especially now that kids from the relatively new show Are You the One are thrown in the competition. It makes it almost impossible for the newbies to walk away from the show with prize money.

The Are You the One and The Challenge: Rivals 3 star came on the Candy Dish podcast and explained why.

Devin said Sarah Patterson (Challenge winner and The Real World: Brooklyn alum) told him that they felt the new kids hadn’t “paid their dues.” While cast members on The Real World have to work and pay for their own things during their show, the Are You the One contestants are essentially on an all-expenses paid vacation in Hawaii.

The veterans also feel that all the Are You the One cast members are “camera wh*res.”

The Real World is dealing with a cast that only has seven people, so you’re all going to be on the show all the time,” Devin explains. “Are You the One is dealing with a cast that has 20 people, so you need to be a little louder, be a little crazier in order to get camera time.”

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While others tried to lay low and make nice with the best competitors, Devin took the opposite approach.

“As soon as I realized in The Challenge house that no matter what we did, they were just going to vote in the Are You the One people no matter what, at that point, there’s no reason to be nice or cordial,” he said. “You might as well just f*ck sh*t up.”

One cast member in particular who rookies tend to suck up to is Johnny Bananas, who has competed in these reality shows for years. During The Challenge: Rivals 3, Johnny had the decision to split the winnings with his partner Sarah or keep all the money. He choose to keep the money, and only Devin came to Sarah’s defense.

“They will rationalize anything, especially when it comes to Johnny Bananas,” Devin said of the other cast members.

“I don’t give a f*ck how old that bastard is, how many times he’s won, f*ck that. I’ve never been manipulated by anybody, it’s not going to start now,” he continued. “And unfortunately, that is a rare type of thinking. ”

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