This Boozey Drink Will Help Your Cold Better Than NyQuil

Contrary to popular belief, chugging NyQuil won’t cure your cold any faster, but booze will.

High Five
Naturally, we’re already ahead of the game. No amount of snot will stop us from drinking some wine when watching The Bachelor, and despite everything our mom has said about it, science confirms that we were making the right decision.

In a new video from the science-driven YouTube channel Reactions, commentators break down every single active ingredient in standard cough syrups to figure out what their purpose is and what’s effective. The team looked at 19 different studies to reach their conclusions. Out of that, 15 stated that the medicine had no benefit. One review even concluded that cough syrup is “no better than a placebo,” making our debit cards shiver in annoyance.

So where do you turn when NyQuil isn’t the answer? Alcohol.

Old-school tactics apparently work wonders. Aside from drinking a ton of water, which helps dilute and loosen the mucus your lungs are trying to dislodge, sipping on some whiskey with lemon and honey might be even better. That’s right, not only will a hot toddy make your day sweeter, but it will also speed up the recovery process for those suffering from the common cold. How? Honey helps sooth a sore throat, the steam from the drink helps to open up your sinuses and the booze will make you sleep. This is literally the best thing we’ve heard in a while.

Check out the full explanation in the video below. Now who’s up for a drink?

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