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Mom Completely Trolls Daughter Who Threatened To Drop Out Of School & Become A Stripper

Aissa Sencion Photos


When Aissa Sencion from Los Angeles, CA threatened she would drop out of school and become a stripper, she never thought she’d go viral for it — or that her mom would troll the sh*t out of her in response.

In April, Sencion tweeted out that she told her mother she was going to drop out of school and become a stripper, but instead of her mom bursting into tears or laughing off the ridiculous idea, she encouraged it. The following day, Sencion came home to find a black leather outfit — complete with a zip-up bustier, bootie shorts and thigh-high boots — and a note from her mom that read, “I thought this would be a great first outfit for the state of your wonderful career.”

Could that response be anymore amazing?

After first picking up steam in April, the tweet is starting to make its rounds on the internet again and just like the first time, Tweeters are loving it.

At least Sencion knows that regardless of whether or not she was serious about her threat, her mom would have her back with some killer thigh-high boots.

[H/T: Metro]

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