This Reality Star Brought A Photographer On Vacation With Her To Take The Perfect Insta Pics Because 2017

Nothing says romantic like taking a vacation with your super hot personal trainer boyfriend…and your brother.

Louise Thompson, who stars on the British reality TV show Made In Chelsea, is making headlines for her recent trip to the Maldives and Sri Lanka with real-life Ken doll, Ryan Libbey. Fans were like “How tf are you getting these flawlwss ‘Grams when it’s just the two of you on vacay?” That’s not a real quote, but you get it. Turns out, her brother was there too – snapping away.

Sam Thompson outed his sister on Instagram stories by posting a picture of her and her bf posing with drinks in the pool in front of a professional photographer and lighting team. I mean hey, I guess if you can get through TSA with that giant light reflector gadget, then by all means.

Yet this isn’t his first rodeo when it comes to making fun of his sis. Check out this video of Sam with girlfriend Tiffany Watson attempting to recreate one of their photos.

And this one of him trying on her clothes:

Honestly, calling out your sister for doing stupid sh*t is such a brother thing to do, and he does it in the most genius way. Like legit, I want this dude to be my friend.

In other news, here’s to hoping I can shove one of those reflector thingies in my suitcase on my next trip and can find a really stable tree to tie it to. And don’t mind only taking selfies…I’m too poor for a photographer, OK.

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