Oprah’s Meal-By-Meal Breakdown — Which Even Includes Wine And Potato Chips!

Oprah Winfrey Entertainment Tonight Interview


Unfortunately, none of us can be Oprah Winfrey. However, we can eat like her.

The talk show queen dropped plenty of pounds on the Weight Watchers system, and now she’s breaking down her day meal-by-meal for People magazine. And guess what? She’s not totally starving herself, and it’s something anyone can follow if they’re looking to look as good as O.


Rise and shine, it’s breakfast time. And for her first meal, Oprah creates a sandwich she calls “The Usual.”

“I do an egg, toast, because I love bread, and maybe an eighth of an avocado,” she shared.

Oprah also starts her day with a chai tea (and plenty of water throughout the day).


Yes, we teased Oprah ate chips…but we didn’t say a lot.

“I leave room for a hard pretzel, popcorn or potato chips. I can have 11 chips,” she said. “Anything that goes crunch.”

So a couple chips are fine, but a whole bag? Not so much. (Don’t worry — I’m totally guilty too.)


For a midday meal, the TV star turns to tomato soup and Tuscan kale-and-apple salad.

“I love soup. I have it every day,” Oprah said. “And salad with lots of zero-point greens and one teaspoon of oil.”


To top things off, Oprah will “do a fish, vegetables and a starch.”

Oh, and let’s not forget wine or a cocktail!

The Weight Watchers system is based on a point system, and Oprah says she always makes sure she has plenty of points left at the end of the day for a glass of vino. Yum.


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