Introducing The Season Five Cast Of MTV’s ‘Are You The One?’

When you think of finding love on TV, you generally think of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, right? But not anymore. MTV has been running Are You The One? for several seasons, with the fifth recently making its debut. The differences between Are You The One? and The Bachelor franchise are pretty amazing. AYTO doesn’t have any red roses, features a lot more diversity and has a one million prize at the end. Not a shabby reward after finding your soulmate.

What can you expect from this season? 11 ladies and 11 men will be heading over to the Dominican Republic on their quest for love. Over the course of the season, cast members will go on dates, go into the “truth booth,” and interact with different personalities. Each episode will end with the cast being told the number of correct matches, but not the identities of the pairs.

This season also has the most cast members in the show’s history and the largest cash prize in MTV’s history. There are no eliminations and if every match is found by the end, all cast members are able to split the one million dollars. The first episode of the season aired on January 11, 2017. Who do you think could be a match?

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