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Girl Found 18 Years After Her Abduction From Florida Hospital, Cries Out ‘Momma’ To Her Jailed Abductor

Kamiya Mobley and Gloria Williams Abduction Story


[UPDATE 10:42am] Kamiyah Mobley, who has gone by Alexis Manigo for her entire life, cried out for her “momma”—Gloria Williams, the woman who abducted her 18 years ago—at the Colleton County Jail in Walterboro, South Carolina on Friday.

Williams blew a kiss to Mobley (Manigo) as she waived extradition to Jacksonville, Florida, where she will face kidnapping charges, according to authorities. The two shared an emotional moment through the jail screen as Mobley told Williams, “I love you mom.”

Mobley even took to Facebook to defend her abductor, writing, “My mother raised me with everything I needed and most of all everything I wanted. My mother is no felon.”

[FULL STORY] A case that has been cold for almost 18 years has finally been solved, according to First Coast ABC News.

Kamiyah Mobley—abducted as a baby hours after she was born at a Jacksonville, Florida hospital in 1998—was discovered in South Carolina this week.

Mobley’s kidnapper—Gloria Williams, 51—posed as a hospital nurse and told her family that Kamiyah had a fever and it needed to be checked. The woman then left the hospital room with the newborn and vanished. The hospital footage of baby Kamiyah and her abductor was too grainy to be of much use to investigators.

Police searched every floor and every room of the hospital, but were unable to find the baby. The FBI and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement became involved in the investigation, but the case went cold and had remained unsolved until very recently.

More than 2,500 tips came in over the course of the investigation and Sheriff Mike Williams called it “as complicated an investigation as you can imagine” during a Friday press conference.

It is now up to Kamiya whether or not she wants to meet her biological parents, who have been notified that their missing daughter has been located. Kamiyah’s abductor is currently under arrest in Walterboro and has been charged with kidnapping and interfering with custody.

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