Demi Lovato Makeup: Top 10 Best Beauty Moments

From her days as a beloved Disney Channel star to the strong, confident singer she is today, Demi Lovato has never been one to shy away from a bold look. Her hair has been every color under the sun and she knows how to rock a dramatic eye like no one can.

Her Instagram is full of selfies with (and without) makeup. As much as we love her #nomakeup posts and what they stand for, it’s equally exciting to see if we could dare to replicate her makeup moments because somehow every variation of makeup is a perfect match on Demi Lovato.

Her experience with makeup doesn’t end with just wearing it. She has a line with NYC New York Color and also has her own skincare line, so it’s safe to say that she’s well-versed in the world of beauty.

Sweet & Simple

Lovato kills this look with the contour and brows. The simple lip and eyes allow us to focus on the highlight in her face. Her Instagram caption says “face beat by me,” which means that even after growing up with makeup artists, the girl knows how to crush the makeup game on her own.

Coral For the Summer

This face of makeup feels like summer. Lovato’s blonde hair paired with the coral lip is the perfect feel for a vacation away. Plus, her eyelash length is incredible here. Hello, the lashes reach the brow bone.

Punk Rock

In a striking contrast to the previous beachy vibes, Lovato looks rocker chic for her November cover shoot with Glamour. Her heavily-lined lids are softened by the sprinkle of visible freckles and the nude lip.


With arguably the most “on fleek” brows out there, Lovato kills it again. Her eyeshadow brings out the lightness in her eyes, and the matte lip color goes great with her skin tone.

Deep & Dark

Lovato’s dramatic look is perfect for a glamorous event. The deep eyeshadow compliments her dark hair, and her cheeks are highlighted perfectly. If this isn’t the ultimate NYE makeup #goals then I don’t know what is.

Golden Girl

 A stark contrast to Lovato’s often bold style, this softens and flatters her face. Her highlight is popping in all the right places, and that eyeshadow is gorgeous. It’s not the typical darker shadow that Lovato gravitates to and it’s a fresh change of pace.

Retro Glam

This red carpet look gave off serious old school glamour vibes. Lovato’s hair made her look feel that much more retro, and the burgundy lip really flatters her and complements the black eyeshadow.

Lip & Lash

 The lash and lip combo takes the cake here. The eyelash volume is out of this world, and the glossy pink lipstick in pink is a great shade that Lovato doesn’t typically wear.

The “No Makeup” Makeup

The “no makeup makeup” is stunning on Lovato. The very natural look showcases her great features with the highlight being just right. The minimal eye and lip perfectly draws attention to her face.

Pink Power

To finish, Lovato is back at it with another glossy pink lip! The Barbie pink works great on her complexion and looks great with the matching nail polish. Her plain lower lashes allow her top ones to really pop and bring attention to her fierce eyebrows.

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