Abigail Breslin Wants The Internet To Stop Bullying People Who Are Friends With The Trumps

Ever since Donald Trump overcame the odds and won the 2016 election, anyone associated with the family has had a target on their back. The latest to get the hate is Abigail Breslin, best known for her roles in Little Miss Sunshine and Scream Queens. Last night she posted an Instagram photo alongside Tiffany Trump as both women celebrated their friend Andrew Warren’s birthday. It’s a seemingly innocent photo, but Breslin got a ton of hate in the comments.

Check it out:


Along with being called a Trump supporter despite the numerous anti-Trump posts also found on her account, Tiffany was also targeted and completely torn apart because of her father. Late last night Breslin addressed the photo, calling out the bullies who trashed her comments section.

“ALRIGHT Everyone commenting mean sh*t on my last insta, I have known Tiff for years,” she began. “She’s a beautiful soul and regardless of ur [sic] political views, do not take it out on her, it is completely unfair. Also I would like to ask every single person on here how they’d feel if they were persecuted solely based on the actions of their parents.”

She then elaborated on the incident in a separate Instagram post.

“To everyone who’s being horrible and disgusting to me rn, I didn’t vote for Trump. It’s none of anyone’s business, but I didn’t. However, it is honestly disgusting of the people to be so cruel about Tiff who is a wondering and kind person. If you’re judging me for hanging out with someone I’ve known for years at our friends [sic] bday party, you need to reevaluate your life.”


What do you think about Abigail Breslin’s comments? Sound off below.

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