Chad Johnson Was Once On An Episode Of MTV’s ‘Next’ And There’s Photographic Evidence

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No question about it – Chad Johnson was made for reality TV.

But before becoming the most entertaining part of JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette, a teenage Chad made an appearance on a different dating show: Next on MTV.

Somehow, a Redditor came across 19-year-old Chad coming off the Next bus for his chance at a date.

In case you were living under a rock during the early 2000s, the show featured one guy or gal looking for love and five possible suitors. If the lead is feeling their date, the contestant stays. If they’re not, all they have to do is say “Next” and the contestant collects money based on how many minutes they lasted. The contestant who makes it to the end can either accept a second date or take the money.

Although video footage of the episode is yet to be found, sleuths believe they found a recap on

According to the recap, the first three guys got the dreaded “Next.”

However, Chad helped his date decorate a tree dressed in a Santa suit. When offered a second date, Chad opted to take the $36 and bounce.

Good. Old. Chad.

What every Next watcher looked forward to, of course, were the fun facts about each contestant. We’re not sure what Chad’s were, but we can only assume they looked something like this.

  • Eats an extraordinary amount of deli meat
  • Will workout by any means necessary
  • Don’t come between him and his protein shakes
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