Dreams Come True: ‘My Super Sweet 16’ Is Coming Back TV

I remember watching MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 when I was 14 years old and hating everyone. Especially Ava, that b*tch was out of control.

My Super Sweet 16
But despite the seriously unlikeable characters, this was one of MTV’s finest reality shows. Following around ludicrously rich teenage brats is was our calling, and if the show wasn’t cancelled in 2009, we’d still be doing the same thing we were back then — sitting in front of the TV watching these crazies cry over getting the wrong Range Rover while we can’t even talk our parents into helping us buy a used Pinto.

This morning casting company Doron Ofir made dreams come true in the form of an email blast — My Super Sweet 16 is getting a reboot, but you don’t have to be on the verge of getting your license to participate. According to the email, any big “coming of age” event is made for TV and suitable for consideration. There’s also no age requirement.

“MTV cordially invites you to My Super Sweet… an extraordinary television event featuring the most important day of your life marked by the greatest of celebrations – Sweet Sixteen, Quinceanera, Debutante Ball, Debut, or any other coming of age milestone event – if it’s going to be lit, we want to know about it!” the email read.

It continued, “We want to showcase the most Instagram-enviable celebrations ever seen. Snap the sweetest and most memorable moments of your life that’ll make all your Snapchat followers comment #goals when they see just how turnt your party gets!”

The only requirement mentioned is that participants must be “the most popular, outrageous, glitzy, girl [or] boy” who is “planning extravagant parties that will show the world just how #blessed they really are!”

So Jazmin’s wedding will be on this show? Because we’re so down to watch that.

My Super Sweet 16

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