This Woman Is Suing Her Work Place After Constantly Being Sexually Harassed

Marlee Valenti, a former employee of New York City insurance giant AIG, is suing the company and her ex-boss for being constantly sexually harrassed. After working there for two years, Valenti claims that male employees would hide under women’s desks and look up their skirts and occasionally lick them.

According to the New York Post, Valenti was transferred to work under now-Vice President Michael Donnelly when the incidents started to occur. She says 10 men under Donnelly’s supervision constantly sexually harassed her, but her boss did nothing to stop it.

“Male employees would sneak under the desks of female employees in order to look up their skirts,” the suit, which was filed Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court, reads. Valenti, along with fellow female colleagues, say they were also “groped, licked or forced to endure other forms of harassment” from male colleagues.

When she complained, Valenti says she was fired.

“We believe this suit and the claims it makes are without merit,” an AIG spokesman said. Valenti clearly doesn’t. Donnelly has yet to publicly comment on the case, but we hope these a**holes get what they deserve if the claims ring true. No woman should ever have to deal with something so vile in life, let alone in the workplace.