This Gender Reveal Video Might Land The Expectant Father In Jail

Gender reveal videos are hard, just ask Joe and Leela Krummel. But nothing compares to the video made by Ashley and Jon Sterkel, which could land the expectant father in jail and with a $1,000 fine.

The couple is expecting their first child — a boy — in June. In an attempt to reveal the baby’s gender in a unique way, they decided to shoot a rifle at an exploding target filled with blue smoke on Saturday at their acreage near Scottsbluff, Nebraska. By Monday morning, they had received a ticket for a misdemeanor on Monday.

The blast, which was filmed and uploaded to YouTube, was so loud that people miles away heard it and called the Scottsbluff County Sheriff’s Office. Apparently many people thought it was a car motor exploding. Others were just mad at the blast scared their dogs.

Check it out:

From Cosmopolitan,

According to Lieutenant Jim DeFreece it’s a common misconception not to think twice about the legal ramifications of exploding such a target in Nebraska because the separate parts of the explosive are. It’s when the fuel and the oxidizer are mixed you must obtain a permit to set them off, the World-Herald reports. Because Jon had exploded targets on his property before, he hadn’t realized what he did might be illegal: “We never knew, and we’ve shot these for years. If you can go to a store and buy it, how in the world can you know it’s illegal?”

Jon says the blast was much larger than he had initially anticipated it being.

“I would like to say sorry for all of the confusion,” he told BBC. “I am a man of character and will willingly go to court if the district attorney chooses to prosecute me.” He also said he would now plan a lower key announcement once his son is actually born and that he and his wife were considering naming their son “possibly Wesson, in honor of the rifle maker Smith and Wesson.”

While it’s nice that he apologized and everything, he still faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

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