This Woman Saw A Babe During The March On Saturday & The Internet Helped Her Find Him

On Saturday, history was made when millions of people from across the globe came out to march in solidarity to support women’s rights. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience, and for one marcher, it could turn into a love story for the ages.

While marching in London’s Trafalgar Square, Sophie Stummvoll spotted a handsome protester with a sign that read “F*ck the Patriarchy.” The rest was history.

“I was really kicking myself for not talking to him at the march because the guy looked like just my type,” Strummvoll, who posted a Facebook photo of the man online later that day, told Mashable. “And really, where better to find a true bae than at a feminist rally?”

That afternoon the internet, who conveniently deemed him #EqualityBae, went on a mission to help identify him.

“So I was too shy to say anything to you during the march, but to the lovely and tall gentleman leading the chant for equality and graciously holding up “F*CK THE PATRIARCHY” I have a bit of a crush on you and should you ever be interested in discussing any of the above matters with me (pictured bottom left) my inbox is open!” she wrote.

The post ended up getting over one thousands likes and 125  admirable comments.

Equality Bae FB Comments Equality Bae FB Comments Equality Bae FB Comments
So how does this glorious story of love end? According to Stummvoll #EqualityBae has reached up and they made plans to get drinks the next time they’re both in the city.

Love means never having to say you’re sorry for fighting the patriarchy. Best of luck you two!!

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