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LISTEN: Kehlani’s Debut Lives Up To Its Name

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It’s almost hard to believe that this is Kehlani’s debut album. It wouldn’t be false to say that Kehlani has been hustling and releasing music for a long time, and even still, she’s very much a young and up-and-coming artist. Despite her age, Kehlani’s music proves one thing: she has been many people, not just one girl you might recognize from a feature, a rumor, an Instagram photo or a new and exciting, comprehensive musical work.

She says it best, both in her verbal explanation and in SweetSexySavage.

SweetSexySavage is proof of her self-aware duality and growth. Versatile in its sound, tone, vibe and lyrical subjects, the album discusses the ins and outs of a high-energy love affair and tumultuous relationship with oneself and someone else, going from steamy to upbeat to pensive. There’s a weight to the album, an emotional and heart-wrenching undertone that is balanced with its playfulness and meta self-awareness. It’s autobiographical and just like the subject of its musings, SSS is full of ups and downs.

Kehlani isn’t just one girl, and she’s certainly not who you thought she was. In her own words, she’s many things, many people, a human example of the multiplicity of self, SweetSexySavage.

Listen to SweetSexySavage on Spotify

Kehlani’s new album is available on Spotify for listeners with login information.

Listen to SweetSexySavage on iTunes

The album is also available for purchase on iTunes by Apple users.

Listen to SweetSexySavage on Google Play

Additionally, Kehlani’s debut album is also available for purchase on Google Play.

SweetSexySavage Track List

  1. “Intro”
  2. “Keep On”
  3. “Distraction”
  4. “Piece of Mind”
  5. “Undercover”
  6. “CRZY”
  7. “Personal”
  8. “Not Used To It”
  9. “Everything Is Yours”
  10. “Advice”
  11. “Do U Dirty”
  12. “Escape”
  13. “Too Much”
  14. “Get Like”
  15. “In My Feelings”
  16. “Hold Me By The Heart”
  17. “Thank You”
  18. “I Wanna Be”
  19. “Gangsta”

SweetSexySavage album cover

For more information on SweetSexySavage and Kehlani’s music head over to her website.

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