Video Shows Florida Couple Passed Out In Car From Overdose, Their 2 Babies ‘Shaken Up’ In The Back

A disturbing new video showing a couple passed out from a drug overdose, the latest in countless tragic videos of a similar nature, has emerged on the Internet.

In the video, a Sarasota, Florida couple—William Ballard, 36, and Delaney Crissinger, 32—sit in the front of their parked SUV, apparently so high that they are slumped over and unconscious.

The most horrifying part of the video, though, is that their two infant children—a 1-year-old and a 5-month-old—were found sitting in the back of the vehicle at the time the footage was recorded. According to local authorities, the couple had driven to a Texaco gas station in early Thursday morning. But it wasn’t until around 8:00am that other drivers noticed the passed out couple and blocked their car in the event that they woke up and tried to drive away. Witness, who also noticed drugs and drug paraphernalia in the car, also called 911.

Upon the arrival of authorities to the scene, Ballard and Crissinger were still asleep in the vehicle. A search of their SUV yielded methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl, drug paraphernalia and a loaded syringe on the floor next to a container of baby formula.

The children are currently in the care of other family members, according to Elite Daily, and both Ballard and Crissinger have been placed under arrest. You can watch the disturbing footage below.

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