Meet The New Miss Universe, Who Pledged To Advocate For Oral Hygiene

Iris Mittenaere, a 23-year-old dental student from France, was crowned Miss Universe last night, bringing her country its first win in 64 years. So what will she do with her year of service? Advocate for dental and oral hygiene, an interesting answer considering everything that’s going on in the world right now. But hey, who needs world peace when you can have nice teeth?!?!

Mittenaere, who hails from the city of Lille in northern France, was genuinely surprised when Steve Harvey announced she was the winner. Honestly, we were also surprised, especially considering her answers to the night’s final questions.

Before Mittenaere was crowned by Pia Wurtzbach, last year’s winner from the Philippines, the top three finalists were asked to cite a failure in their life and explain what they learned from the event. Mittenaere’s response was incredibly vague.

“I’ve failed several times in my life,” she said without elaborating. “When you fail, you have to be elevated and you have to try again and keep going… I have failed before but for me this is the great first opportunity,” she added.

Miss Haiti, on the other hand, had an inspiring response. Raquel Pelissier, 25, survived the devastating 2010 earthquake that destroyed her hometown.

“I survived the earthquake,” Pelissier said in reply to the same question. “I felt I was failing myself because I was not living my dreams… But I chose to be a very positive person, and learned a great lesson from it because if I am here today, it is because I am living my dreams.”

However, she was named first runner-up while Miss Colombia, 23-year-old Andrea Tovar, was second runner-up. We were rooting for Miss Haiti, but alas, here we are.

So what else is there to know about the dental enthusiast? Well, Mittenaere is only the second French Miss Universe to date — the first was in 1953 — and she’s the first European winner in the last 10 years. She’s also a huge fan of cooking and extreme sports, and absolutely loves to travel.

“In France we want to have the most globalization we can,” she said. “We want to have the biggest exchange of people that we can. Maybe someday that will change, but now we have open borders. Having open borders allows us to travel more through the world and to find out more about what’s out there in the world.”

Well said, Iris. Congratulations on your big win! Can’t wait to see how many people you encourage to get veneers.

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