A Grindr User Is Suing After Being The Victim Of A Dangerous Catfishing Scheme

Just when you thought it was safe to date again.

With the rise in the popularity of dating apps, we forget that the danger of private information leaking is also at an all-time high. Our online profiles are so public now that we forget that identity theft has become very easy. One Grindr user now knows just how dangerous a dating app can be.

According to TMZ, Matthew Herrick says in a lawsuit that he met and started dating someone on Grindr in 2015. He then says that his partner began to open up new profiles using Herrick’s identity, addresses and photos to lure other users into conversation. The worst was yet to come.

Soon, random strangers would come to Herrick’s home and even his job expecting sex. Although the lawsuit did not specify an attempted rape or murder at the time, it did include examples of aggressive behavior from his visitors.

About a week ago, Herrick claims that a rather persistent Grindr user managed to get into his apartment building and refused to leave. Herrick’s roommate confronted the visitor and threatened to call the cops before he was attacked.

Herrick says that his mental health has been declining since the attack. He says he is in “a constant state of hyper-vigilance, afraid that Grindr has been used to incite or seduce the wrong person — somebody who will make good on threats to attack or rape [me].”

This isn’t the first time a Grindr date has turned sour. In another case, Stefano Brizzi was put on trial for the murder of police officer Gordon Semple, who he allegedly strangled to death and then dismembered after meeting through a Grindr conversation. Following the murder, Brizzi reportedly purchased metal sheets, three buckets and cleaning products in an attempt to cover up the murder, taking a page from his favorite show, Breaking Bad.

Police received reports of a foul stench coming from Brizzi’s apartment and were horrified to find the remains of Semple in an acid-filled bathtub and around the flat. He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

As for Herrick’s case, he says that he has lodged 50 complaints to Grindr and 14 police reports, but no action has been taken yet.

Hopefully, Grindr will mend the issue, make appropriate changes and provide online daters with peace of mind in regards to their other safety, and other dating apps will follow suit.

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