Twitter Roasted Corinne Olympios For Her Trump Joke Last Night

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On last night’s episode of The Bachelor, Corinne Olympios continued to be the worst. Aside from lying to Nick Viall and telling him that Taylor was bullying her (LOLLLLLL), she also made a Donald Trump joke that made the nation’s skin crawl.

While reassuring the world that she would be chosen over Taylor, Olympios said “Make America Corinne Again.”

Corinne Olympios
Sadly this wasn’t the first time she’s made the tacky joke, but this time around, Twitter really let her have it. Gotta love the internet, am I right?

But seriously, you’re embarrassing yourself over some bearded boob. Honestly, I want to know, IS NICK VIALL REALLY THAT GREAT?! He’s not that cute and his voice is on par with nails on a chalkboard. Does he have golden genitalia and billions of dollars I don’t know about? Because I don’t get it!

Honestly, as much as I despise Corinne, her and Nick Viall may be made for each other because they are both terrible. Here’s hoping he can make cheese pasta.

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