Drake’s ‘The Boy Meets World’ Tour Looks Amazing & We Need Tickets ASAP

We think it’s safe to say that Drake is always nothing less than amazing. From the moment he arrived in 2009, we couldn’t help but to sing along to his hit single “Best I Ever Had” every time it played on the radio.We LOVED the flirtatious energy between him and his Young Money labelmate Nicki Minaj (we still get a tiny bit jealous for Nicki when we see him with Rihanna). We cry in remembrance of our past loves when he sings about his exes and then we’re back to business when he raps about his many successes.

For years, Drake has taken the music industry by storm. Hit after hit, award after award while simultaneously creating indisputably amazing albums. Drake has mastered his own creative formula, as it is no easy feat to be an emotional Canadian rapper who sings about love in today’s music industry.


Two weeks ago the first European date of Drake’s “The Boy Meets World” tour was postponed. Drake’s team released a statement, noting “unforeseen production setbacks” and “wanting to create a special experience for fans in Europe and the UK” in the hopes of adding “some incredible new features to an already spectacular production.” Although these reasons were probably true, we couldn’t help but wonder if we were finally going to see a stumble in Drake’s march for success… Or ever get the chance to check out a concert.

Drake Boy Meets World Tour

Drake at the O2 Arena, London. Photograph: Jim Dyson/Getty Images

Well clearly, we won’t see him fall just yet. Drake began his eight-show run at the O2 Arena in London last night. The record-breaking eight shows make him the only rapper to achieve this feat at the gigantic venue, with the previous record being held by the duo of Jay-Z and Kanye West for their joint “Watch The Throne” tour.

Drake performs a total of 33 songs, zooming through mostly new songs from his recent albums while also throwing it back with old standards like “Started From the Bottom” and “Marvin’s Room,” a major crowd-pleaser. While concerts are mostly about songs, this tour also provides the audience with an otherworldly energy and atmosphere.



The cool and colorful space-like productions may actually leave viewers paying more attention to the lifelike arena galaxies than the real life Drake on stage. The production is more like an art installation than a stadium light show.

Rumors circulated in early 2017 when Young Thug posted a picture of himself and Drake to Instagram with the caption ‘European tour ft ……’ leading fans to speculate that he will be the opening act for Drizzy.

It was later confirmed that beginning January 30, Young Thug would be the support act alongside Drake on all of his UK and Ireland shows, giving rap fans even more of a reason to purchase a ticket.

On the first night of his London shows Drake was joined by Giggs, Section Boyz and Kyla (of the hit “Once Dance”).


With the combination of amazing guests and awe-striking production designs, we don’t have any questions that Drake is anything but here to stay and on top of the rap game. We do have one question: Where do we get our tickets?

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