Is Taylor Swift Ever, Ever Getting Back Together With Conor Kennedy?

Taylor Swift is practically synonymous with breakup songs.

One of her biggest kiss-off hits? “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” a fun and witty take on getting over a past relationship. Recently, rumors have begun to circulate that “never ever” doesn’t always last forever in the case of T. Swift.

Months after her alleged romance (or musical collaboration, depending on who you ask) with rapper Drake, one source claims that Swift might be interested in rekindling the flame with Conor Kennedy. On January 31, Radar Online claimed that Taylor Swift found Kennedy’s recent mugshot “sexy.” Kennedy was arrested earlier this month after a bar fight.

Swift and Kennedy were together for about three months in 2012. Unfortunately, his family did not approve of the country singer. A source stated, “The relationship wasn’t progressing the way she wanted it to.” The two split up after a relatively mutual agreement that they just weren’t compatible.

Though a source said Swift “regretted” the breakup, a second chance could be on the horizon.

Swift left a string of broken hearts after splitting from Kennedy. In 2016 she dated Calvin Harris, also known as Adam Wiles, after meeting him at the Brit Awards. Their relationship ended in a messy breakup and Twitter controversy.

Getty Images | Jason Kempin

Getty Images | Jason Kempin

Shorty after, more rumors flew about another summer romance. This time Tom Hiddleston was the partner that surprised us all. It began with a few casual meet-ups before photographers managed to snag stolen moments between the two. As the summer ended, so did the relationship of the couple, affectionately known as “Hiddleswift.” Allegedly, the pair ended things because of Hiddleston’s fondness for the spotlight.

Whether or not they’re ever, ever getting back together, we’re just hoping she releases new music soon. And if the first single is something about a hot mugshot, we’ll know exactly who the song is about.

[H/T: Radar Online]

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