10 Things You Didn’t Know About Harry Styles

Harry Styles has been a household name since 2011, when One Direction became one of the biggest boy bands in history. Known for his gorgeous hair and impeccable fashion sense, Styles has captured the hearts of millions around the world.

Since the band has decided to move on to individual projects (we’re still not over it TBH), we’ve missed seeing him and the other band members living it up on social media. Luckily none of them have left the spotlight quite yet. Styles has made his way into a major motion picture and continues to model. Dunkirk has already caught the attention of 1D fans and is expected to be a big box office hit.

Our favorite dark haired British singer-turned-movie-star is ringing in his 23rd birthday soon, so we thought we’d celebrate his big day with some little-known facts.

1. He is a big American football fan.


Styles loves, and I mean LOVES, the Green Bay Packers. He’s so dedicated to the team that he even got a tattoo of their logo on his left arm. On multiple occasions, Styles has been spotted sporting the famed cheesehead backstage. During a stop through Milwaukee in 2015, Styles proudly put the cheesehead on and waved a Green Bay flag to the cheers of the audience.

2. He was on an episode of iCarly.


Way back in 2013, Styles was on the second episode of the fifth season of iCarly with the rest of his bandmates. Unfortunately for Styles, he got sick with “jungle worm” and was sentenced to bed rest. Luckily, he had Carly and Sam there to take care of him!

3. He’s still friends with his first girlfriend.

Abigail Crawshaw (the girl on the far right) and Styles have known each other for a long time and still manage to keep in touch. The pair dated when Styles was 14 years old and Crawshaw has been pictured with Styles many times over the years. Kudos to both of them for proving that friendship really can last forever.

4. He puts butter in his coffee.

It’s called the bullet diet. You put a spoonful of butter and a spoonful of coconut oil into a cup of coffee and apparently it is slimming. Styles claims that the added ingredients in his coffee are what help him keep his figure and it must be working because he always looks great.

5. He makes a mean pizza.

After working in a bakery, Styles knows a lot about working with dough. He once went over to Cindy Crawford’s house and gave her family the low down on making a good pizza. They now know to put enough flour down so that the dough doesn’t stick, all thanks to Styles.

6. He got acting advice from Danny Devito.


Devito encouraged Styles to pursue acting and joked that he should get some acting lessons first. Clearly, Dunkirk director Christopher Nolan didn’t agree.

7. He sent passive aggressive notes to his sister’s ex-boyfriend.

Harry Styles Note

He’s a pretty protective brother, that’s for sure.

8. He was in a band before One Direction.


They won a contest together before Styles tried out for X-Factor. In 2015, the band came out with 14 new songs but sadly, Styles wasn’t featured in any of them. We can keep our fingers crossed for the future though.

9. He isn’t afraid to rock nail polish every now and then.

Harry Styles Nail Polish

His unique sense of style is always impressive.

10. He is afraid of snakes

Can’t say we blame him for this one. “I don’t like to have it in my mind but if it came down to it I’m probably scared of snakes. I just have a feeling that if a snake was in front of me I wouldn’t be a fan,” Styles said.

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