‘The Challenge’ All-Stars Sarah Rice & Susie Meister Spill All Their Reality TV Secrets










If you ask me, The Challenge on MTV is one of the most underrated related shows out there. It’s essentially Survivor…but with drinking, hooking up, and less dirt.

A new season premieres Tuesday, February 7, 2017 called The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions that pits the underdogs against past winners. Just one problem – two of the greatest competitors in Challenge history aren’t in the cast. What gives?

Turns out, Sarah Rice and Susie Meister are moving on from their reality TV days.

However, Sarah – who first appeared on our TV screens as a cast member of The Real World: Brookyln – shares on the Candy Dish podcast that MTV wanted her back. After all, she technically won during last season’s Rivals 3, but her partner Johnny Bananas took all the prize money instead of splitting it with his partner.

“I was [asked to be on the show],” Sarah dishes. “It’s so funny because they call and they dangle the carrot, and they always use some sort of persuasive language. Just like last time they said, ‘No, trust us. You’re really gonna want to do this one. This one you’re definitely, this is one for you to win. Ah, yeah one for me to win and then have my partner take all my money. Don’t pretend like you didn’t know that was going to happen.”

She continues, “So they did it again this time. ‘We really think this is going to be your chance for redemption. And I was like, ‘Oh yeah. Just like you said I was going to win big last time? We remember how that worked out. Um, no.’ ”

Susie – who you may recognize from several Challenge seasons after appearing on Road Rules: Down Under – agrees it’s time to go on to bigger and better things. After all, the besties are now both married, Susie has a son, and they’re busy doing other projects (like hosting their amazing podcast, Brain Candy).

“I just feel like, you know, we had our moment in the sun, and now it’s time to let the youngins take over,” Susie says.

Listen to their full interview below via SoundCloud or by downloading Candy Dish on iTunes. The ladies also spill on the other reality show they’ve submitted an audition tape for, what it would take to go back on The Challenge, and the reality shows they love to watch.

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Also, make sure you listen to Susie and Sarah share MTV behind-the-scenes secrets and cover a variety of interesting topics on their podcast, Brain Candy. (It just so happens to have the greatest intro music too.)

If you can’t wait for The Challenge: Invasion to premiere, make sure to also check out our interview with Devin Walker, who came in third place on last season and also spills on my other favorite guilty pleasure, Are You the One?

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