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Toddler Found Trapped Inside Garbage Bag After Being Abused By Babysitter

Mechele Ann Robinson

Lane County Jail

A woman was arrested after a three-year-old toddler she was babysitting was found bruised and tied up inside of a garbage gab.

Mechele Ann Robinson, who was entrusted with the care of the young boy after his mother was sent to prison last year for theft, now faces charges of criminal mistreatment, assault and reckless endangering, according to The Daily Mail.

A relative went to the home where the toddler was being cared for and found him sleeping inside a garbage bag tied around his neck, according to the Springfield Police Department. When the boy was taken out of the garbage bag, the relative discovered his entire body was covered in bruises, including his genitals. Authorities also found bruises on his penis from a plastic clamp Robinson reportedly used to punish the boy for wetting the bed, according to Detective David Lewis.

The three-year-old has been taken into custody and examined, but will reportedly not require any medical treatment. Robinson is currently being held in Lane County Jail and is scheduled to appear in court on March 9.

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