Live Happily Ever After With These 9 Disney Princess-Inspired Makeup Tutorials

Let’s face it, there are some days when you might find yourself needing a Disney Princess-inspired makeup tutorial. Maybe you’re heading to Disney World with your family or it’s Halloween. Maybe you just want to feel like a queen. These are the days when YouTube comes in handy.

For your true happily ever after, make sure you select a look that is the most accurate to your inner princess. If you’re feeling unsure, you can always take a quiz to determine who you identify the most with.

And whatever you do, make sure you get evidence of your look. Instagram definitely needs to see you looking like royalty. Bow down to the selfie queen.

Snow White

This beauty vlogger really commits to the look, even completing her makeup application in the outdoors to give us that feeling of authenticity.


Can you paint with all the colors of a contour kit? This look totally slays, not to mention it’s actually wearable enough for a night out on the town.


Let’s be real: Meg was so cool. And talk about that hair! She definitely was an OG style icon.


Tiana’s look is one I would actually wear daily. The colors are soft, feminine and coordinated flawlessly.


She may be a princess, but Jasmine is also a QUEEN. That dramatic eye is enough to make anyone feel as royal as possible.


Even though Elsa is technically ruling the kingdom, we’ll still count her as a princess. This vlogger really captures Elsa’s look, especially the arched, sassy brows and fierce eyes.


That deep purple is gorgeous, and the peek of a golden sun is enough to make Rapunzel swoon.


You’re going to want to make this look part of your world. The red lip is iconic.


TBH this look is making me especially excited to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie. If only there was a ball to attend.

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