Match Releases Largest Study On Singles In America

Science has a lot to say about singles in America. Match recently released its seventh annual study on trends in dating rituals, how social media impacts the dating game, and the ever-changing changing attitudes millennials have about love and sex, and their findings are eye-opening.


Millennials are diligently using technology to find love—and building new dating rules and taboos along the way. Moreover, if you want to spur a budding relationship forward, skip the flowers: leave your cell phone in your pocket. And how do you know when a friendship is turning into a romance? Singles still express true love in ancestral ways — it’s not about revealing your passwords.” Says Dr. Helen Fisher, biological anthropoligist and Scientific Advisor to Match.

Below, some of the most important stats and dating lessons.

Silence Your Phones


I know we all have a tendency to keep an eye on our phones, but keep it on the down low on date night. 75% of singles are turned off if you answer your phone on a date and 66% are turned off if you text. So unless it’s an emergency, don’t answer your phone. And if you do I hope you have a good excuse.

Android vs. iPhone


Compatibility doesn’t only apply to your personality or looks. Your phone also has a big role in whether or not your date likes you. Android users are 15x more likely to judge iPhone users. Meanwhile, iPhone users are 21x more likely to judge Android users. It’s the PC and Mac wars all over again.

Facebook Feuds


We laugh at the Facebook screenshots of arguing trolls, but no one wants to date one. 58% of singles are turned off by people that start fights and complain on Facebook. Even if you’re not a Facebook fan you should still keep track of how often you’re on Twitter and Instagram. 50% of singles also dislike those who are too active on social media.

Election Selection


We can’t forget how politics plays a huge role in relationships. 44% of singles dislike people who voted for Trump. Don’t think everyone else is excused though. 42% of singles are also turned off by those who didn’t vote in the Presidential election at all. Hopefully you’re not one of the people who voted for Harambe.



With the rise of female empowerment, 59% of single men say feminism “has changed dating for the better.” Men are seeing more confident, strong women in the dating field and if that isn’t attractive then I don’t know what is. 57% of women also feel more empowered in their dating lives.

Food for Your Thoughts?


The obligation to pay the bill is changing. In the past, it was an unwritten rule for men to always pay the bill in full. Now that women are becoming more and more independent, both financially and politically, expectations are shifting. 71% of men find it attractive when a woman offers to split the bill. Reasons for this differ, ranging from the women being polite or asserting independence (47%) to women not wanting to owe the man a favor (74%).

Initiation is Key


Men are rapidly changing dating rituals, and hopefully for the better. 95% of single men want women to initiate the first kiss and having sex for the first time. Consent is key, after all and hopefully the age of mixed signals will come to an end. Unfortunately on the opposite side of the spectrum, only 29% of women initiate first kisses and sex, and even fewer are the first to ask a guy for their number.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby


Are millennials as sex crazed as so many baby boomers believe? They’re actually not. Millennials are 51% more likely than Baby Boomers to not be interested in sex. The millennial generation turned out to be full of romantics. 40% are more likely to believe that an emotional connection can make sex better and is also the least likely generation to cheat on their significant other.

The One-Night Stand


Now that online dating apps make hookups easily accessible, what does that say for one-night stands? According to Match, 35% of single men and 18% of single women agree that casual sex can be exciting. Quality control, however, is at an impasse. While some men (29%) and women (15%) say it can be the best sex, 19% say otherwise.

Dating Fever


Millennials are 30% more likely to have a relationship in 2017 thanks to the rise in technology. Because of their tech savvy nature, they are 75% more likely to have dated someone online compared to a baby boomer. More and more people are creating online dating profiles, which makes for millions of possible matches around the world. You know that saying “there are plenty of fish in the sea”? Well the ocean just got a lot bigger.

Do you agree with the numbers? Tell us in the comments below.

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