10 Valentine’s Day Gifts Perfect For Treating Yourself

If you’re single, you might be dreading Valentine’s Day. We don’t blame you for not wanting to scroll through an Instagram feed of happy couples and bouquets of roses. But even if you find yourself without a significant other this V-Day, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate.

what to do valentine's day single

Take this historically romantic holiday and turn it into a day that’s all about you, or take the chance to celebrate with your fellow single gal pals. And if you’re craving something more than a pampering pedicure or your favorite decadent dessert, these fun gifts are a great way to treat yourself to a little something special, not to mention they won’t totally kill your budget.

Whether you love high-end makeup or are looking for something with a personal touch, we definitely have something you’ll love. We don’t care if you’re single or in a relationship, but you should totally plan on treating yourself this Valentine’s Day. (And don’t forget the wine!)

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