An Introvert’s Guide To Surviving Valentine’s Day

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This Valentine’s Day we have a lot to take in. As if life wasn’t already overwhelming enough, now we have to deal with all of the media backlash on the news. It’s a high-pressure day in an already stressful time. It makes it hard for an introvert to just sit back and enjoy a day either alone or with someone special.

Contrary to popular belief, introverts can enjoy themselves just as much as extroverts, even on a social holiday like Valentine’s Day. In fact, there is actually much less planning involved when it comes to appeasing the introvert in your life. The most important things to take into account are the people and the location. These two things can make or break your Valentine’s Day mood. Some people might stress out about finding the perfect gift or what food they want to eat. Those are important, but introverts are more concerned about who they’re with and where they are. Here are some fun things you can do for both the singles and the happy couples out there.

Break out the wine.


You can never go wrong with a wine and cheese night. Put the tequila back on the shelf for another day and break out that bottle of Cabernet you got for Christmas. Wine makes for a relaxing night, whether you’re enjoying it at a restaurant or at home. Not to mention it feels a lot more romantic than counting the amount of shots you can take before passing out. You can either share some wine with a partner, your friends, or even just solo. Just try not to spill.

Take a walk.


While parks tend to be a popular date spot, the best part about them is the vast amount of space you have to work with. Even if a lot of couples are there, you still get fresh air and a good view. Take a book with you and relax on a bench for a change of scenery. Depending on where you go, there might even be food and shopping to enjoy.

Go out for brunch.


When you think Valentine’s Day you think dinner. You think of the fancy five star restaurants that you worked overtime to save up for. If you really want to go out to eat try going out for a nice brunch instead. It’ll still be pretty busy, but dinner service will be even more of a nightmare. Brunch should be a lot cheaper in the long run and there isn’t as much pressure to dress your best. Even better, the bartenders won’t judge you for drinking so early in the morning. In fact, bring on the mimosas.

Make your own dinner.


An even better alternative to going out for food is to make it yourself. You know your tastes more than anyone else, after all. Challenge yourself and plan in advance to buy ingredients for the day so you don’t have to deal with the heavy traffic. Can’t think of a recipe? Search Google or watch Food Network until you get a good idea to satisfy your cravings for the night. Regardless of if you cook solo or with a partner, you can make the experience fun, especially if you don’t cook very often. Just make sure to watch the stove.

Consider staying in.

Gilmore Girls

Sometimes the best dates are the ones spent at home. Think about it. You can wear your fuzzy onesie on the couch and order takeout. No makeup. You don’t have to shave. No judgement. You don’t even have to worry about other people ruining your day in the comfort of your own home. That sounds like an introvert’s dream come true, doesn’t it? Binge watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix or watch some movies on the couch. Make a pillow fort. Your home is your domain, fellow introverts. Rule it well.

Don’t let being an introvert ruin your Valentine’s Day. Regardless of what others say, it’s all about what makes you comfortable and happy. Whether you make plans with a significant other or don’t have anything on the agenda, everyone can enjoy themselves.

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