This Girl Claims She’s Had The Most Tinder Matches Ever

Jazz Egger, a 19-year-old model living in the UK, says she’s achieved the “world record” in Tinder matches after she had 5,400 guys swipe right on her profile in a matter of months.

“I downloaded Tinder some months ago and I think I might have reached a world record,” she recently told FEMAIL. “I travel a lot and people keep Super Liking me.” For those who aren’t up to date on their Tinder logo, the dating app allows users one Super Like a day. Egger used to think drowning in Super Likes was normal until her friend told her that the average female user only gets one or two a month.

“I reached a point where I couldn’t answer everyone anymore, because I [had] swiped right on every Super Like,” she explained, adding that she was forced to put a message on her profile saying, “Sorry this is getting out of hand. I can’t answer everyone anymore. I only reply if your message is super interesting. Hope you understand.”

WHAT A FIRST WORLD PROBLEM, AM I RIGHT?! Egger says the note only increased her Tinder game.

“I would receive the craziest pick up lines and unbelievable offers,’ she said. ‘I even matched with Conor Maynard and other well known musicians, YouTubers, and actors,” she said. “Another crazy offer was when a guy invited me for a week in Greece on his yacht. He offered to pay for everything, even my flight. Just so he could have a chance. Of course I declined the offer.”

NBD, same. Egger says that while she has matched with more than 5,000 men, she’s only been on 20 actual Tinder dates. Unfortunately none of them were successful.

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