10 Television Shows That Should Have Been Canceled By Now

We all have that one TV show that we hope never ends. And then we have those that we wish were put to rest a long time ago. Nothing is worse than seeing a series you once loved turn into something that you are now embarrassed to admit you ever watched. Sadly, there are too many shows that have overstayed their welcome on television today. Both network and cable alike have a problem of prolonging the inevitable end.

And we get it, sometimes these shows have an extremely loyal fanbase. But at what cost? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that plot lines should only be repeated maybe once or twice and that once a lead actor has left the show, it’s time for the show to come to an end. Here are 10 TV series that we think just don’t seem to be getting the hint.

1. The Big Bang Theory


Did anyone ever find this show funny? Not only are the plot lines boring and the jokes unbearable to hear, but the characters are just the worst. There is nothing appealing about watching a series that pretends to be for nerds but only ends up insulting them at every turn. Plus their blatant sexism is outdated and unwanted. Ten seasons is way too long for this “comedy” and it needed to end five years ago.

2. Once Upon a Time


Do fans even understand what is happening anymore? Once Upon a Time hit its prime after two seasons but they continue to drag the plot on and on and on. How many times is Regina going to snap and do something evil before it gets old? Oh wait, it already did. And the whole savior idea for Emma is straight out of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but instead of the show building relationships like Buffy did, Emma always pushes those who want to help her aside. Definitely over it.

3. Criminal Minds


We were okay when Gideon left and sad when Prentiss decided to leave as well. But then Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) left the show and the fact that the series didn’t end right there and then is insulting. Moore wasn’t even the last major cast change in season 11. Their lead actor, Thomas Gibson, was fired. Yet they still plan to continue with the series and just add new characters to replace the ones we’ve lost. No thank you. Please let this show end gracefully CBS, please.

4. Supernatural


Supernatural was a great series, seasons one through five. But after ending the apocalypse, the show became too focused on long plot lines and lost the essence of what the series was about: two brothers hunting monsters. Now it’s a rare occasion if Sam or Dean hunt down a vampire or a werewolf. Instead, we have to sit through poorly written scripts and weak man angst all for the hope that something interesting is going to happen soon. Plus, the actors started the series in their late 20s and are now in their late 30s with families and kids. It’s time for them to move on to something new.

5. Teen Wolf


Okay, so technically this show is ending after this season but it’s the fact that it took this long to end. Main characters have left practically every season. How do you have Teen Wolf if Derek, the one who started everything, isn’t there anymore? So many good characters left, were written out poorly and were forgotten by the writers. I personally stopped watching after Jackson left the series and that was season two. My heart goes out to those who have stuck with this show, you have all put up with a lot.

6. America’s Got Talent


Remember when Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff were the judges? Those were the good days of this reality TV show. Now the talent is mediocre at best and it’s just an opportunity for people to do gross things on TV. The judges have changed too many times and they had to add in a special judges choice with the golden buzzer in order to keep the audience intrigued. Once it gets to the point where gimmicks are needed to be entertaining, it’s time to stop.

7. Bones


Rumor is that Bones is getting canceled, but until that is officially confirmed, we are going to wish that will be. While it was really entertaining to watch Bones and Booth fall in love and all the creative ways to determine who the killer is based on DNA evidence, it all becomes repetitive. This happens with every crime show. Eventually the plots just get old or they get too extreme to believe. It’s better to end the show before fans grow tired of Bones’ superiority complex and Booth’s need to be mega over protective.

8. Sleepy Hollow


After killing off their main female character, Sleepy Hollow received a ton of backlash and many thought that that would be the end of the series. But of course, the network said no and the show continued on. If you’re resorting to killing off your main character only after three seasons for a dramatic effect, then your show wasn’t that good to begin with. It is tiring to kill off your characters when an actor decides to leave. There are so many other ways to write a character off but instead of being creative, the screenwriters took the easy way out. Good luck getting your fans back after that.

9. The Walking Dead


This series quickly went downhill after Negan brutally murdered Glenn on screen. Many stated prior to the episode that if Glenn died they would be boycotting the series and these people did not go back on their word. This season is so different compared to every season before it and while Jeffery Dean Morgan does an incredible job as Negan, this isn’t The Walking Dead that fans fell in love with. Plus, if anything happens to the favorite Daryl, there will be no viewers left. Might as well end it while you’re ahead AMC.

10. NCIS


Just like Bones, NCIS has reached a point of repetition and a lack of new drama. NCIS is one of those series that is great to have on in the background but there’s no longer the feeling to watch when a new episode premiers. It’s grown old and tiring plus Ziva and Dinizzo aren’t a part of the series anymore so what’s the point? It’s hard enough to replace one good character, let alone two. It’s time to let Gibbs and the rest of the NCIS division go.

Do you agree with our list? Go off in the comments.

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