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Meet The World’s Hottest Nurse

Fran Suarez Photos


Meet Fran Suarez, virtually the only positive thing that comes out of going to the ER.

Suarez is a hot AF nurse from Madrid and based on his Instagram photos, he’s just what the doctor ordered. His 50,000 followers seem to agree. Between his changing-room selfies and ripped gym pics, we’re jealous of all of the patients that get to be graced with his presence (and possibly, his package).


Little is known about Suarez outside of his social media presence, which proves he enjoys coffee, lifting, occasional bondage (don’t we all?!?!) and plaid. According to his profile, he also works some side gigs as a model and dancer, both of which are quite fitting considering his bangin’ physique. Moral of the story: fake an injury in Madrid ASAP.

Check out his hottest photos below and follow Fran Suarez on Instagram for more hot nurse selfies.


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