Selena Gomez Opens Up About Going To Rehab & Being A Former Disney Star

After a three month hiatus, Selena Gomez is back in the public eye and opening up about her stint in a mental health rehabilitation center.

While promoting her upcoming Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, the 24-year-old star opened up about her connection with the show’s protagonist Hannah, who commits suicide due to struggles with her mental health.

“To be frank with you, I was going through a really difficult time when they started production,” she told a panel hosted by Netflix Wednesday in New York City. “I was away for 90 days. I actually met tons of kids in this place that were talking about a lot of the issues that these characters are experiencing.”

However, she says the biggest different between her and the show’s main character is her work with the Disney Channel, which affected her on various levels.

“I’ve had to deal with it on a different scale, whether it was just kids — or growing up in the biggest high school in the world, which was Disney Channel — but it was also adults that had the audacity to tell me how I should live my life,” she said. “It was very confusing for me. It was so confusing, I had no idea who I was going to be, what I am still going to be.”

“They’re going to instantly fall in love with these characters,” she added, referring to the forthcoming Netflix series. “I want them to understand it. I would do anything to be able to have a good influence on this generation. It’s hard, but I definitely relate to everything that’s going on. I was there for the last episode, and I was a mess seeing it all come to life, because I’ve experienced just that, for sure.”

Tune into 13 Reasons Why when it drops on Netflix on March 31.

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