Durex Claims That Technology Is Meddling With Our Love Lives

You’re hanging out with your girlfriend or boyfriend one day and then you realize not a single word has passed beyond greeting each other. No, they’re too busy checking Facebook or scrolling through Instagram on their phone. You’re not innocent either. You’re just as guilty since you’ve been watching Snapchat stories for a while. As technology develops further and becomes more accessible, it becomes heavily entwined with our daily lives. Our love lives are no exception.

Durex is striving to put an end to technology meddling in our love lives. Their Look Up For Love campaign questions technology’s hold on our relationships and claims it’s an unhealthy addiction in our lives.

According to studies, while 71.4% of people admitted to using their phone often, 61% said that their partner also uses their device often. With these numbers, it’s safe to assume that couples are glued to their phone when hanging out with each other. Durex wants couples that have shifted apart to put down their phones and have more conversations with each other.

Rohit Jindal, the Marketing Director of RB India said, “We believe that key to a healthy relationship is staying engaged and appreciating every moment with each other.”

While technology like dating apps and websites have made finding love easier, they’re also making it harder to stay in love. It’s hard to love a face that’s constantly hiding behind a screen and it’s even harder to talk to them. Go back to a time when dating was more than cuddling on the couch and looking at your phones the whole time. Go out for dinner or go shopping together. Take a Sunday morning drive. Or just put down your phones and have a long talk. It can be about anything. It can be about what they ate for breakfast or what they’ve been up to.

Maybe you can even talk about plans for Valentine’s Day… None of which should involve Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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