Child Sex Abuse Victim Sues Netflix For Using Her Real Name & Photos In ‘Tricked’ Documentary

Netflix continues to be at the center of controversy this week.

After facing backlash over its new series, Dear White People, the popular video streaming website is now facing a lawsuit over its 2013 documentary about child sex trafficking and prostitution, Tricked.

“Jane Roe,” whose story was featured in the documentary, is suing Netflix and Three Generations—the production company that released the film—for over $100,000 in damages for the “tremendous humiliation” she suffered as a result of the film’s use of her real name and personal photographs, according to The Daily Mail.

Jane, who is now around 18 years old, and her attorneys argue that because she was an adolescent victim of a sexual crime, her name and personal information should not have been released to the public. What’s more, they argue that none of her private information or details of her case were available in public documents before the documentary release. It was only until August 2016 that Jane realized she was even featured in the film after a relative told her.

In the documentary, Sergeant Daniel Steel, an investigating officer in Jane’s case, revealed that Jane “was 14 years old and she started living with her mother, who was a drug addict, and mom decided that it would be a good idea to have her daughter start giving blow jobs and having sex and hand jobs to local drug dealers to get drugs for free.” Despite his apparent empathy and emotional testimony, it especially upset Jane to learn that Steel insinuated she would go back to prostitution when he said, “Of course she’s going to go back to what she’s used to.”

Jane, who is now a stay-at-home mother, fears not only that she will be unable to obtain an education or a job if people learn of her upbringing, she worries that her daughter will learn the details of her sexual abuse. “Having my identity and personal details exposed in the documentary Tricked has caused me severe anxiety and grief. I fear further public disclosure of my identity and the abuse I suffered as a minor.”

Netflix has yet to comment on the lawsuit. You can check out the trailer for Tricked below.

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