After Losing Her Memory, This Woman’s Boyfriend Strived To Make Her Fall In Love With Him Again

Jessica Sharman and Rich Bishop’s lives are the real-life version of 50 First Dates.

At the age of 20, Jessica Sharman suffered a series of seizures that caused her to lose her memory. Her boyfriend Rich Bishop, 25, was completely unrecognizable to Sharman, as were her parents. As the Sun reports, this was a major challenge for the couple to overcome, but Bishop was dedicated to making it work.

Yeah, prepare yourself for waterworks.

The two had been together for seven months before the incident happened and Bishop was well-aware of the fact that Sharman was epileptic, though nothing this serious had occurred before. Despite not recognizing her parents, Sharman agreed to go live with them after her hospital stay because her reflection matched the girl’s in their family photos.

“My mom started frantically digging out pictures of us on her phone to try to jog my memory,” she explained. “Mom put a hand on my knee but I pushed it off, it felt weird to be touched by a stranger.”

After she was given a tour of her own house, Sharman was taken to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, where she was eventually diagnosed with amnesia that was brought on by her epilepsy. While doctors said her memory could return to her within six months, they also warned of the possibility that it would never return at all.

Regardless, Bishop tried to get back into his girlfriend’s life despite how resistant Sharman was to accept him.

“I remember at one point I was left on my own with him and I hated it,” she explained. “I didn’t know him but he was acting like we were in love. So two weeks later, I tried to end the relationship. He looked so hurt and promised he would help me remember how great we were together.”

Bishop took her to their favorite restaurants and told her about their shared history in an effort to jog her memory. It never returned, but she did fall back in love with him.

“Seeing how passionate and caring he was finally convinced me he must care for me, so I agreed to give it a shot,” she said.

Sharman is now adapting to her “new” life and Bishop remains hopeful that memories from her past will resurface. However, despite his positive attitude, doctors say Sharman has a 50 percent change of losing her memory again if it does come back, but Sharman has hope.

“Rich was able to make me fall in love with him twice — so I know he could do it again,” she said.

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[H/T: The Sun]

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