Lena Dunham Makes Penis Joke On ‘Today’ Show, Flusters Fill-In Host Maria Shriver

Lena Dunham doesn’t normally filter herself, and her appearance on this morning’s Today show was no exception.

While promoting the sixth season of HBO’s Girls, Dunham sat down with Maria Shriver in Studio 1A in New York City to chat about what viewers can expect from the final season. Towards the end of the interview, Shriver, Today’s fill-in host, thanked Dunham for stopping by and mentioned that she had the chance to preview the first three episodes of the season.

“Thank you so much for stopping by. I had a chance to look at three shows for this new season, and it looks terrific,” Shriver said. “You saw a penis, right?” Dunham joked unexpectedly, visibly throwing off Shriver for a moment.

After an awkward smile and short pause, Shriver responded, “Yeah. Well, I saw more than that! You caught me there for a second. I am not sure if you are allowed to say that on television—but you did!” Dunham joked back, throwing her hands up, “I won’t be coming back!” She then joked that she’s at least “going out with a bang.”

Before Dunham’s penis comment, the Girls creator and star explained to Shriver what she hopes audiences will get from the show’s last season: “I think that this year for us was really about trying to counteract the television notion that everybody has to have a happy ending. It doesn’t mean they have to have a tragic ending—this isn’t Breaking Bad—but we did really want to show just how messy your twenties are and that growing up doesn’t always mean growing into yourself. It just means shift and change and challenge,” Dunham said. “If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll find the ending anticlimactic in just the right way, and if you’re not a fan of the show, you’ll be just as annoyed as you’ve ever been.”

You can watch Dunham and Shriver’s hilariously awkward penis moment in the clip below.


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