2 Chainz Talked About Corinne Olympios On The Grammys Red Carpet Last Night & It Was Truly Amazing

In 2011, 2 Chainz fans were unknowingly introduced to Corinne Olympios in his video “Zip and a Double Cup,” where the most hated Bachelor contestant of all time could be found dancing around and looking high AF. When she started vying for the attention of Nick Viall and cutting b*tches every Monday night during The Bachelor, the video resurfaced for fans to hate on. It was actually amazing.




Sadly Olympios didn’t make an impression on the rapper, as we found out last night. When walking the Grammys red carpet, 2 Chainz was cornered by Guiliana Rancic, who asked if he remembered the new reality star. His response was pretty blunt: “nah.”

In an effort to jog his memory, Rancic played a clip from the 2011 video. Sadly he still didn’t know who she was, but like the rest of us, he was concerned for her wellbeing. “Is she ok?” he asked mid-clip.

Afterwards, he told Rancic that he never really gets to know the randos in his videos. “When I do videos, I try to be professional. I try to be business-like,” he said. “I don’t try to mingle with the workers.”

Maybe if she brought alone some of that famous cheese pasta 2 Chainz would be singing a different tune.

[H/T: Refinery29]

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